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Our Company’s business lists, email lists, industry’s contact list, Job title’s database, Realtors, doctors, and many other databases are more than 95% accurate and regularly verified (all contacts – phone, email, fax, current Company, and office addresses are regularly verified). We validate our all of our contacts every two to three months.

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Premium Full Contacts

Contact from every fields by Contact Name, email address , phone number, postal address,NAICS,SIC ,Industry and much more.

Affordable Pricing

Quality and Company lists enable businesses to make business connections for lowest price.

1 year Free Updates

You will get free updates for 1 year .We clean all our contacts every three month .

Payment Guarantee

95% Email Deliverability Guaranteed

We guarantee 95% deliverability for all email databases listed for sale.

Accurate Business List

Database to Skyrocket Your ROI

Our company info database of business lists, email lists, and B2B lists is accurate and regularly verified (regular verification of all contacts – phone, email address, fax numbers, current company, and office addresses). We validate our business list databases every two to three months.

We make sure each record is genuine by using different verification approaches, including end-to-end verification and cross-referencing.

A dedicated team updates and monitors our databases regularly. That is to make sure that we remove outdated data and provide the latest info about the business of your interest.

We guarantee 95% deliverability for all email databases listed for sale. Your marketing team is 95% sure that their emails will reach their target customer’s inbox and their message is delivered and read.

Remember to keep your bounce rate below 5%. Also, make sure to only send emails to highly engaged recipients with a high click rate and avoid a sudden increase in the volume of emails sent.


What Type of Products do We Provide

USA Business Database

46 Million United State Business Database

2022 updated unique 46 million direct B2B contacts available with title,Company , phone ,fax number and etc .

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2 Million USA Realtors

More than 96% Accurate unique 2 million realtors available with contact name,email ,phone , fax ,address , License number and etc .

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Job title

Database By Professions

There are many databases available for varieties of professions. All are 2022 Updated and unique contacts .

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Database by Industry Categories

Industries such as Architects & Building designers , Backers , General Contractors & Home Builders ,Cryptocurrency and many more available .

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Worldwide Business Lists

Global B2B lists available – Covered in Asia, Europe, Middle East, Australia & NZ, Africa, and South America .

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worldwide consumer emails

Global Consumer Emails

Millions of Consumer emails are available worldwide – All are up to date and valid emails.


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Why should you buy list of

businesses from us than other


Valid and Unique Contacts

While other providers selling many years old database with duplicate contacts .We are selling 2022 Updated VALID AND UNIQUE CONTACTS at lowest cost than any other providers on internet today and We are updating our database every two month .

Most Accurate Sources

All business contacts were mined from wide variety of sources, such as : Business directories ,New business fillings , Daily utility connections , Press releases , Corporate websites and many other sources .

Million of Contacts at An Affortable Price

We are Offering million of business contacts at a very cost effecting price for small businesses that can not afford our competitor’s price. Therefore you don’t need to pay thousands of dollars while you can purchase our businesses databases at an affordable price.

One Year Free Updates & Database Accuracy Guarantee

We offer updates on your listing for one year free of charge and update our listings every two to three months. Your business will not have an extra expense for such a privilege. If you cannot afford our competitor’s price, you can always turn to us for a lower expense while you acquire better service.
With our company database, you can reach your prospects directly to lead them into the sales funnel. Close your deals faster. In these pandemic days, cell phone calls and emails are the best ways to reach your prospects fast.

We offer the best quality leads at cost-effective prices. With us, you have only three steps for success: identify your market, invest in a B2B leads database, and get results.

Affordable and
Customized Business
Contact Database Pricing

Genuine leads

Acquiring verified B2B business leads lists generate a whole lot of sales. With these lists, you can reach your target audience without spending a huge amount of time and resources.

To this end, we endeavor to provide you with genuine lead lists that can help you reach your desire prospects with your business’s ideal persona at the lowest price in the industry.

Million of Contacts than other providers at an affordable price

The goal is achievable for your business with our customized pricing. Buy your email list at an affordable price based on your budget and marketing targets.

We provide a higher number of contacts than other providers offering lists at the same price. Also, we will update your company list database for one full year with no further expense on your part.

Our United State business directory is a user-friendly directory. We categorize our lists, so you can easily find the most suitable businesses or customers to target.
In terms of territories, we have listings under Cities, Counties, States, Zip Codes, etc. If you are targeting local markets, these are the easiest to use listings for your business.

Check out our premium digital marketing list that includes data fields, such as contact names, email, phone, company name, SIC, NAICS, industry, and more.

You can use these lists in different components of your marketing campaign:

•Email Marketing Campaign
•Telemarketing Campaign
•Direct Mail Campaign
•Campaigns via Consumer Mailing and Email Lists

Power up your marketing with uscompanydata.com database listings! Today, marketing campaigns are not effective without email marketing. Despite the growing popularity of online approaches, such as social media and SEO, businesses cannot do away with email marketing altogether.

The best part of email marketing is it allows you to have a personalized approach right from the start, and you have access to your target audience at the tip of your fingers. Your prospect’s inbox is available for you to use as the communication channel for a more personalized messaging and marketing pitch.

Even big businesses use email marketing. Facebook and Twitter use email marketing to bring their users back when they notice a lack of engagement in their platform. That strategy does not only allow an expression of genuine interest.

For these giant online platforms, the strategy also works for regaining trust and providing value. If your past customers or visitors failed to reconnect with you, retarget them through an email that reminds them of their importance to you.

At uscompanydata.com, we put a premium on building strong relationships with customers. We will work with you through and through or until you see the results of your partnership with us.
We understand you will not see results overnight. That is why we will continue working with you to identify leads that do not convert and why they do not convert.

We can identify 98% of your target audience that does not convert. Then you can profile these people and plan how you can retarget them to achieve the best result.

Buying a company database for marketing can be challenging. You need to verify the authenticity and accuracy of the data set, which can prolong your search and make you waste resources.

We can help you avoid such difficulty by providing you a sample data that match your targeting criterion.

With our customer-focused services, we will not provide you a sample with random data. We will give you a customized set to give you an idea about what data you can get from us once you place an order.

Customize your database based on these parameters:

  • Company size
  • Industry
  • Job roles of decision-makers
  • Technology that your target market is using (Shopify, WordPress, Magento, etc.). With our state-of-the-art software, you can seamlessly feed our listings into your existing platform.
  • Location
  • Niche categories (SaaS company, Fintech, etc.)
  • Target customers that have raised or received funding recently 

Strategizing is essential in marketing campaigns. So, you ask questions:
•What is my goal?
•Who is my target audience?
•How can I measure success?

There is only one answer to all these questions: data. Use strategies backed up by data. And data is what we can provide you. And not just random data. We offer you a genuine and accurate database to help your team avoid launching a lackluster campaign.
In addition to your updated list, we also help you with a market analysis to help you with your campaigns. For instance, we know that 87% of online sales happen through desktops, and 62% of online buyers buy products through their mobile devices. That can give you an idea about where you can best engage your target email audience.

We understand that company resources are often limited, so we try to help your marketing efforts by providing stats that matter to your campaigns. It is, after all, a partnership that we are building with our clients.

United States Business Database :
What Are the Sources of These Contact Databases?

our calls for list verification reach over a million each year. That is our way of capturing new businesses, so our customers are the first to target them. We use different techniques to fix errors and obsolete entries and ensure that your data is current, accurate, and relevant.

We gather company information from various sources, including:

Public directories
Daily utility connections
New business filings
Press releases
Annual reports
Corporate websites
User-generated feedback

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Do You Update Databases ?

We are updating database every three month .

Will I get unlimited access and usage of databases ?

Yes.We will sell actual contact files to you .You will get complete access to this file .You will get 100% ownership of the files .

I'd like to place an order,but I'm concerned about the accuracy of the data .Why should i trust your company ?

If you found a lower than expected accuracy rate . You can contact our customer service informed us. We will replace it with new accurate data. It’s called an email Bounce-Back Guarantee.

Can I use your email lists to contact other companies to sell my company's products?

Yes, You can market your product or service from this email list.

Do you provide 1 year free updates ?

Yes We provide 1 year of free updates since your purchased date

Do you Provide Unique Contacts ?

Yes.We are providing only Unique contacts and mentioned in details .No duplicate contacts .

How long Does it take to deliver database ?

Database download link will be sent to your email Once payment is received.

What payment method do you accept ?

Accept Major Credit Card payments such as VISA, MasterCard , American Express, Discovery via PayPal

and Bitcoin via Coinbase.

Can i export your files to CRM software ?

Yes .Our Files are .CSV format Therefore You can feed easily to All CRM platforms.

How do you deliver the database?

Once We confirmed your payment We will send the database files download link to your emal .We Offer .CSV files ,excel files or .txt files 

Are you in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

Our complete data set is GDPR compliant.

We have been providing Company Information Database where you can find the complete list of businesses in the United States of America. It is a powerful tool that can help you achieve your marketing needs. Our USA Business Database list contains information of companies across all fifty-one states of the America. The list can be used in several ways, including building a business directory, generating a sales lead, telemarketing, market research, business analysis, telemarketing, and b2b functions. To make your job easier, we have compiled this list of companies in the USA.

Currently, Email Marketing is gaining importance in the marketing field, and according to statistics, ninety percent of sales generate in the first few days. Getting the best email marketing lists is one of the best ways to target a broad range of customers. That is why today you can see the big businesses like Wal-Mart, eBay, and Best Buy are conducting email marketing campaign quite often.

We gathered the list of companies in usa from the available contact information so that you can get our target contacts and customers list effortlessly. We have been proving high-quality company email list and business email list since several years now, and with our affordable rates, you can enhance your services quickly and also get huge profits on your monetary investment.

Business List

At our USA Company Database Service, we offer the most extensive and updated business lists on our website.  You can find the extensive business database in the business market as we totally understand that it is the current global economy.  Here, on our website, we provide you the most comprehensive US Company Database lists.  Our goal is to provide you the largest directory and complete business listings for your operational needs and to grow your business successfully. 

Email Lists

If you are looking for the best email contact details, then you are at the right place as we are the best email list provider in the USA, and you cannot find anything better than our list from any other provider.   We are honored to say that we provide largest, complete, precise, and up-to-date direct email lists at a very reasonable price. We offer thousands of email addresses that have been meticulously verified, and we guarantee you that we provide only reliable and up-to-date contact information where you cannot find any duplicate or bad emails on our lists. Also, we assure you that you cannot locate ‘no blank’ entries on our email lists.

B2B Database – B2B Email Directory

No matter where your business is based, we will provide you the unique company email database where you can get reliable and up-to-date business database lists. You can take complete advantage of the various business marketing opportunities that are obtainable in the United States of America.

Our US business directory is always available at a very affordable price, and you can always expect the updated and precise information on our website. Our extensive database provides details on a large range of businesses throughout the US, which could offer you with probable marketing opportunities. 

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