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The number one reason to choose our direct mail list Canada over service providers is that we provide you the assurance of quality. Our database is whetted and up to date and complete. This means we will not provide out of date information or dupe you with names and business addresses that do not exist or have been abandoned long back.

Most importantly, the mailing list that we provide has not been procured through any illegal means.. Lastly, but not the least, our Canada company database is value for your money as we offer cost effective rates that is especially helpful to small business owners.

We do understand, that if you are just beginning your business in Canada, paying an exorbitant amount for a business database makes little sense. Thus, our canada direct mail is available at a very affordable rate. Why spend thousands of dollars for an outdated database, when a better option is available at a much cheaper rate?

 If we can sum up the answers to why choose our direct mail list Canada over that of our competition, here are the answers:


Quality - Leads Canada

You have access to real people and business owners.



In our Canada company database, you will find that there are several business contacts listed according to their industry. You can thus send it those business owners to whom your product or service is relevant.



If the above two factors do not cut it for you, and you would rather assess by the sheer volume of business contacts on our database, we beat competition on that ground too, as we use state of the art technology along with tireless human intervention to ensure that you have access to every business owner who might be a potential audience or customer for your business.



Our Canada business database is available at a fourth of the price as compared to regular databases. Our database has been curated especially with the needs of small business owners in mind, thus our price point remains most affordable for those who wish to purchase our database.

Canada Business Database

Properties :

Number Of Businesses :  2,187,608
Verified Phone Numbers : 2,1876,09
Number Of Direct Contacts: 1,048,292
Verified Fax Numbers : 621,836
Industries : 5736

States : Seperated by 13 Canada states


    Why you need a Canada business database to expand your business reach

    If you are a new age entrepreneur, you may be under the impression that online marketing is the best way of expanding your business. But if you are establishing business in Canada, you are better off concentrating on direct mail marketing or cold calling potential customers to expand your reach. Don’t know how to identify your potential clientele in Canada?

    Begin with our comprehensive Canada business database that will help you identify potential customers with ease. If you are wondering why we are recommending direct mail marketing or cold calling in 2019 in this is age of hyper-connectivity here are the reasons why.


    Why direct marketing and telemarketing (canadian phone number database ) are the better ideas?

    While there is a surfeit of online marketing, it is through offline marketing with a Canada company database that you can achieve potential results. Direct mail marketing or even cold calling is proven to be more effective because at a time when artificial intelligence is making waves around the world, traditional marketing methods such as direct mailers offer an opportunity to establish a personal connect with a customer at once.

    Think about it for a moment. Which are the brands that have had the greatest influence on you? Chances are you will rattle off names that you have never sought online! Reason being, they resonated with you at some personal level. Research shows that direct mail marketing takes 21% less cognitive effort to process. This means the intended audience does not have to invest time and brainpower into the campaign.

    Studies further show that 4.4% of advertising and marketing campaigns receive a response when delivered through the mail, compared to 0.12% response online! Thus if you are considering a new business in Canada or expanding the reach of your existing Canada based business, you may want  your hands on a comprehensive Canada business list, if you haven’t done so already. Designing a direct mailing campaign can not only more effective, it is more cost effective too.


    Design a successful canada direct mail

    Direct mailing campaigns however does not mean that you print out just another boring letter that may get mixed up with the mails that arrive in the mailbox and thus get tossed over to the bin right away. The key to creating a successful direct marketing campaign thus lies in being creative. For instance, you can use customised postcard designs or better still design an interactive campaign. This means your audience has to do something that will reveal the message you intend. The idea is to make your audience feel something, and hitting upon an emotion, that has the desired effect and creates a brand recall for your brand.

    The same holds true for cold calling that remains the foundation of many successful sales organisations. Even the rejection and response rate may seem high in cold calling, success may be closer than you think. The idea is to seek to solve and creating a telemarketing script that is genuinely aimed at providing solutions rather than making a hard-sell. More targeted leads with the right Canada business list can go a long way in making your venture successful.


    A comprehensive database: Your ticket to success

    Now assuming that you have a direct mailer or an entire direct marketing campaign in place, you cannot start sending it to random people in Canada! What you need therefore is a comprehensive Canada business database. At we provide more that 1,378,865 direct mailing addresses and other coordinates of Canada based companies.

    If you are wondering how you can use our direct mail lists Canada, we can tell you that it is the best way to reach out to potential customers and clients. You should purchase our Canada company database for the simple reason that it is gives you the perfect launching pad if you are beginning a Canada based business.

    On the other hand, if you are a phase of growth, an effective direct marketing campaign and the opportunity to reach out to untapped potential customers is the exact thing you need. Armed with our comprehensive Canada business database, you can concentrate on building the perfect b2b marketing strategy to reach out to numerous potential customers.