333,00 kickstarter backer list – KICKSTARTER EMAIL LIST – 2021 January UPDATED – More than 100 Countries included

Crowdfunding & Kickstarter  Backer Database


Email Address of Backers : 331,598 
Names of Backers : 218,090
Shipping Mail Addresses : 36,774 
Number of Countries : More than 100 Countries
Last Updated : 
January, 2021

Note : All are Unique contacts and numbers. Zero Duplicates ! 

Let’s be honest for a hot second – money and connections can make or break any business. What more if you combined the two? For this article, you’ll learn everything about crowdfunding backers list and how US Company Data can help you achieve the next target funding!

Who Is a Backer?

By definition, a backer is someone who supports something or someone financially. In a business scenario, a backer is someone who funds a business to either get launched or keep running. Other terms for this include sponsor, financer, and patron, among many others.     

What Is Crowdfunding?

While launching and funding your project at the same time can be challenging, why keep all the dirty work to yourself? Save yourself from breaking the bank and consider crowdfunding as your next financing strategy.

Did you know that crowdfunding alone can raise more than $30 million? This type of fundraising works by allowing a large group of people to donate small amounts of money. When combined, their total sum is usually unbelievably huge.

Combining the two mentioned terms, you’ll get “crowdfunding backer.” A crowdfunding backer is someone who believes in your business’s potential by investing small sums of money. However, they aren’t doing this plainly for charitable purposes. A crowdfunding backer can get his/her share in your profit via stocks or bonds.

If your business is a product of passion and will possibly have its big break, take your first leap of faith by having several crowdfunding backers.

About the US Company Data’s Crowdfunding Backers’ List

With Our Company over 333,000 recorded backers, finding the perfect crowdfunding backers for your business will be a breeze.

Curious about what you’ll get if you end up purchasing our Kickstarter backer list? Below is all the contact information you can get from us!

  • Backer’s Name
  • Backer’s Email
  • Name of Campaign
  • Description of Campaign
  • Campaign URL Link
  • Total Number of Campaign Backers
  • Total Campaign Funds Raised

Crowdfunding Tools That US Company Leads Supports

Contrary to what you might have in mind, US Company Leads doesn’t do all the work alone. We have also partnered with the top two most credible crowdfunding tools to make sure you’ll only get top-notch services from us. These are Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Find out more about them below:

  • Kickstarter

If your business is more on the creative and merchandise sides, Kickstarter might be the perfect crowdfunding tool for you. Did you know that its backers can also get tangible rewards in exchange for their financial donations? This makes Kickstarter a win-win partnership between the beneficiary and the backer.

  • Indiegogo

Are you a newbie businessman in the tech and design field? You can take your first step towards a successful business via Indiegogo. With this crowdfunding tool, you can seek funding for your prototypes or beta files before they hit the mainstream market.

Why You Select UsCompanyData’s  Kickstarted Super Backer Database Over Other Providers ?

With the rise of online marketing in recent years, email list providers like ours are becoming more mainstream and competitive. However, our low-cost email leads with high-end results make our company a little more special than our competitors.

Need more proof? Here are more reasons to choose USCompanyData for your crowdfunding backers email list:

Huge Selection of Contact Information

Although US Company Leads markets itself as an email list provider, our company doesn’t stop at that. With our database, you can get every possible information needed to get in touch with potential crowdfunding backers. From full name to the company location, our Kickstarter super backer can step up your crowdfunding game in no time!

Instant Access

After reviewing and processing your payment details, you can immediately download your purchased database at your convenience. You can even choose whether you want to download it as an Excel or a CSV file!

Better Crowdfunding Results

Since our team reviews every contact detail in our database every month, we can make sure that you’ll only get the fresh and verified details of your prospect backers.

Affordable Price

For $249, you can gain unlimited access to over 330,000 backers across the United States. With US Company Leads, no need to subscribe to fussy newsletters and numerous verifications!

How to Purchase a Crowdfunding Email List through US Company Leads

Convinced how USCompanyData Kickstarter backer list can transform your business for the better? Follow these steps below to get your very own Kickstarter backers email list from us!

Step 1: Click “Buy USA Company Database”

Ready to buy Kickstarter email list from us? Simply click the “Add to Cart” button.

Step 2: Choose your payment options

you have two payment options to choose from – PayPal and Bitcoin. For PayPal users, simply click the corresponding button, and input all payment details asked. For bitcoin users, you can contact our customer support for your required payment details.

Step 3: Enjoy

Upon reviewing and processing your payment, you will get Download link of “email list of Kickstarter backers”, anywhere! For this, you’ll get lifetime access to your purchased database and start your Kickstarter email list marketing.

The Next Step

Although backer crowdfunding seems to be a promising idea to earn quick cash, it doesn’t work out overnight. Like any type of business strategy, this requires enough hard work and patience.