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Connect with relevant healthcare professionals and greatly improve your success rate in the medical business with access to a comprehensive and verified healthcare marketing list with over 1,380,000 healthcare professionals.

UsCompanyData is a comprehensive healthcare database that contains all licensed doctors, surgeons, physicians, and other healthcare professionals.

You will be able to contact medical professionals and people who are interested in your services if you obtain a verified medical doctor list by specialization. Connect to a pre-built, accurate medical database that includes email , postal addresses, fax numbers, phone numbers, license numbers, National Provider Identifiers (NPIs) and etc .

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Seperated by 51 US states
  • Most Suitable for Direct Marketing and Telemarketing ,Business Direcory Creation & Sales Lead Generation
  • Limitless Usage
  • MS Excel .cvs file types
Last Update : January 03, 2022

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List from Us ?

95% Email Deliverability Guarantee !

Our doctor emails are more than 95% Deliverability . If encounter more than 5% bounce rate. We will replace it with new data.

Zero Duplicate Contacts !

Many of our competitors usually provide a real estate agent email list that is plagued with a lot of duplicates. Our Database is full filled with unique doctor contacts only .

Premium Doctor Database

All types of contact details include Email, Phone, Fax, Cell, Office Address, License Type, License Number, Association and etc.

100% ownership & Unlimited Usage

Once you purchased the database. You will get 100% ownership of this doctor database.

Unlimited usage and access to data in accordance to the terms of our service agreement

1 Year Free Update

We provide you with 12 months-worth of updates from the date of your purchase

Different Packages according to your budget

You can buy a list of real estate companies by State vice as your geographic selection . There are two packages in this database as Email and Complete Database Package.

Lowest Price

Meanwhile, Other Providers Sell Doctor databases at the highest price sell Doctor databases at the lowest price. Therefore You don’t need to spend much money.


What Are the Sources of 
List Of Physicians Databases

The data we collect comes from various publicly accessible sources, such as public directories, daily utility connections, LinkedIn, press releases, annual reports, corporate websites, and so on. We then use our specialized programming and database capabilities to collect, combine, assemble and verify the information ourselves.

Why Choose uscompanydata’s Medical Doctor Database Services



If you can find a company that’s willing to make price adjustments as a form of personalized service to you, then you have found something that can rival doctorlist (UsCompanyData’s) in terms of pricing. Nevertheless, for, you can call it an open-pricing scheme. Whatever you see on the website are not the actual prices, as they are usually subjected to promos and discounts.

You will also find it budget-friendly that they have a full-ownership scheme for any of the listings, including list of medical professionals, they offer.

That means you only pay a single time and keep the listing you have purchased as yours forever. There are no recurrent fees and also, they are clear with all the fees. This way, you will not have to deal with any hidden charges down the line.


Customizable Dr listing

Targeting a segment of the market is also a good way to control marketing expense, and uscompanydata is the perfect way to create such a targeted campaign.

To help make your USA physicians directory as trimmed down as possible, and allow a highly focused campaign, they will discuss with you about the products you’re selling and the specific types of doctors and lists of surgeons to target. Since they can do this, you will have more confidence in the way you communicate your brand. That’s over and above the financial benefit of connecting only with prospects that matter, and the labor and time savings that will result from the employment of such a strategy.


Easy to use physician data listing

This is a use-it-out-of-the-box deal that will benefit both your employees and your campaigns. They will send you a link to use for downloading the database of doctors, which is an easy to read material.

Both the free sample database and the actual product are delivered in excel files with XLS/CSV format. With this format, you don’t need extra training for your employees to start using the national doctor database or state listings for localized campaigns.


They can adjust with whatever budget size you have

Direct mail marketing promotions, telemarketing and fax marketing promotions are created differently. This company will help you create the right marketing strategies that will not hurt your own company’s financial standing. Simply said, they care about how much this deal is going to put a dent on your finances, and that means building a list that’s specifically targeting the right audience at the most minimal amount. So think about your initial idea of postcards or folded self-mailers and they will help you produce the best materials at the lowest cost possible.


Guaranteed value for every cent

uscompanydata’s list of doctor service ensures that every single dollar counts. Should any of the entries in the listing result to bounce, the company guarantees a replacement or bonus credits that can be applied to your next purchases. Additionally, they will:

    • Remove entries that don’t jive with your campaigns.
    • Provide your recipients a preference center.
    • Ensure that your mails don’t appear annoying. Your USA doctors’ mails will be received with favorable attention by your recipients.

A- dr list customer support

With this national physicians directory service, you not only get a quality listing that will tell you how to effectively reach out to the right audience, but also get superior customer support unrivaled anywhere else.

First, they are always there 24/7. Any issue with the list or questions regarding personal details? They will be there to entertain your concerns.

Second, they have the best marketing support that competes with websites dedicated only for marketing services. Whatever type of doctors you’re targeting, they know how to go about them and ultimately teach you how to make these doctor specialties list buy from you.

Third, if you want to make sure that your list provider doesn’t only primarily think of you as a source of revenue, but more importantly, a partner in the business, these are the right people to work with. As your main support, uscompanydata will ensure that they play a big role in helping you reach heights in your business.

What Makes UsCompanyData’s Doctors in USA List Service Stand Out?

A-list customer support

Additional features to enjoy from include:

  • Live human customer service – You need to know you can talk to an expert every time you need it. There’s always a real person there to listen to you When you need to more information about physicians list.
  • No-risk “test drive” – People want to assure themselves that they’re not wasting money or spending time developing a relationship with a provider that doesn’t mean honest business.

You get a free sample of list of the doctors in the country, get to test that listing, get connected, and generate results without having to shell out a single buck.

  • Targeted listing – the list is customized according to your specific needs
  • Verified listing – thousands of calls are made by the company every month for verification of entries in their listings

Advantages of Using’s Medical Doctor List for Marketing

A-list customer support

Creating a marketing plan can be tough, even with the best listing tool you can ever get your hand on. If you’re a small business owner, you probably have only a few employees you can designate for the task. So you end up with only the usual announcement and promos that fail to catch your prospect’s attention.

However, if you have someone who knows how to go about proper mail and telemarketing strategies like to help you, you will have a better idea on how to send your message out, even with only the meager resources available.

Apart from the benefit of having a comprehensive list of doctor, here are gems of ideas that can be learned from uscompanydata :

  • Personalized messages – This doctors list company can give you a distinct set of names and organizations that will help you create messages that allow personalized strategies in your campaigns.

It doesn’t have to be insanely complicated to create something that resonates with your audience.

Touch on the subject’s interest, for example. Here, you can talk about the latest news or technology that is useful to the practice of your recipient.

Pique their curiosity about the latest findings in their area of specialization. Talk about the latest discoveries in medicine, or the future of their practice.

  • Be welcoming – Another important thing with this targeted doctor listing service is their emphasis on the importance of being warm with sending “first-timers” welcome mails.

After your new prospects have confirmed their mail address, send a message that shows them you are ready for a worthwhile interaction with them.

Do you know that welcome mails are mails that get high open rates? So, with your welcome messages, take the opportunity to make your brand clear to your recipients, along with the idea of making them feel how much you value them.

  • Customer stories – Your customer’s personal story is one more tool you can use, according to uscompanydata. Study your customers’ personal details and zero in on their experience with products and services. Use these stories with new sign-ins to encourage them to patronize your service and offerings.

For more mail marketing tips, get in touch with their team of marketing experts.

On another note, getting doctor lists need not put your marketing budget in disarray. True, mail listings are some of the most expensive marketing materials you can ever equip your campaigns.

However, uscompanydata keeps on the watch with market trends, and make their offerings some of the most affordable ever. They are always on the lookout to make sure that budget competitiveness is an advantage they still enjoy.

When fluctuations of prices take place, they are first to make the adjustments. This means you don’t necessarily need to compare prices when trying to purchase their priceless listings.

Take for example their free updates of mail physician lists that their customers already possess. This takes 12 months or 24 months, depending on the purchased listing. For state listings, you will have free updates of fresh and clean listings within the first 12 months from purchase.

If you need only doctor telephone number listing for telemarketing, there are certain privileges that go with that kind of purchase. Make sure that you are clear with the listings that your campaign needs beforehand. So, the company can be ready with the charges associated with that.

A shorter email medical professionals list calls for only small charges. This means that for a national campaign, you will have to spend quite a big part of the budget. Nevertheless, uscompanydata offers discounts for such a wholesale need.

If you need the list of all doctors in the US, you would probably be offered to take advantage of discount. This is especially offered to first-time buyers of their products. Short listings, such as by state listings, are also offered with special discount privileges.

Take note that these budget-easy offers apply on all medical practitioners, whether you are targeting endocrinologists, anesthesiologists, or general practitioners. This applies to all kinds of US doctors.

Advantages of Using for Telemarketing and, Fax Marketing and Mail Marketing Campaigns

A-list customer support

Osteopathic physician specialists and physician-operated clinics often are at the higher end of pricing schemes. If this is your target market, you need not worry. has designed their offerings to be highly competitive and therefore, they are a great way to just make this purchase as reasonable as possible.

For more budget-conscious promotions, get targeted local medical list of medical doctors. The way they do that is with their sorting system that goes down to the least important details, which are actually important details for local campaigns.

They have a tool that separates counties and zip codes, specializations within a particular location, etc. You may also need to separate physician mailing lists and physician phone numbers by age or gender.

There are endless mix and matches that you can employ to make your products and services specifically targeted to doctors who need them. For this advantage, you will avoid making any of your resources go to waste.

Doctors in the US are relatively a high wealth market sector. This means they make a good target for a range of products and services. Your marketing team should invent ways on how you can encourage this group of professionals to engage with you in different ways and for different offerings.

So, don’t only think about marketing medical equipment and medicines that are directly related to their profession. Make your business cover different need areas that ordinarily go with affluent lines of work such as high-end clothing, travel and leisure, real estate, and financial securities.

When you sort your doctor leads and make a final list, bear in mind that these united healthcare doctor list providers also engage in normal activities that other people regularly do while they are not at work.

Use Of Physician Databases For Telemarketing

There are certain tips to know before you even dial that number.

  • Time of calling – will provide you with a physician database that will easily get you connected to doctors who are currently practicing their profession, but you can never be sure if it’s the right time to call. Is the number listed on your CRM system connected to the doctor’s phone or you are toying with the idea of going mobile? Why not send a polite email first? Then, follow up with a call.
  • Stay calm – Don’t be nervous, whether it is an outbound complaint or an inbound one. Remember that you are nurturing relationships with professionals. They just want to know if their concerns are handled properly and also professionally with a service that befits their practice.
  • Resolve issues immediately – The key is to treat issues raised as objectively as possible. Apologize when necessary, and keep your head clear clarifying the situation the whole fiasco has headed to.

It’s hardly likely that you can get advice like this from list providers, unless they intend to keep you as a customer and they want to see you succeed as much as they want to increase their medical database list sales. But yes, has that special treatment for their customers.

Mail Marketing to Doctors

Here are a few samples of their doctor mailing list service tips.

  • Be easily noticed with your materials – Since doctors receive a lot of mails in plain white envelopes, use textural and vibrant pieces. You can go for a glossy postcard or heavyweight and well-designed trifolds.
  • Customize your message – Your goal is to stand out, so avoid nonspecific photos and overused medical jargon. Tailor the imagery and message to the physician, his particular practice, and the demographics of their patients and health issues they usually deal with.

Not everything can be covered in this small piece of review. Nevertheless, you have the option to talk with marketing specialists at that have been helping small businesses effectively market their products and services for many years now.

Fax Marketing to Doctors

Included in the listing for state and national coverage are doctors fax numbers. Remember, the healthcare practice embraces the use of fax machines even today, so fax telemarketing should be a welcome platform to sell products and services from companies targeting doctors like your company. Here are some tips to employ from :

  • Send fax messages that look like a menu. The doctor might not need to browse the content in the meantime, but if they think that it is important and they can just read it later, your fax will most likely end up tucked on the wall for future reference.
  • All messages are important for doctors, so make sure that yours is indeed important. Doctors are not the kind that throw away messages that easily. Again, make sure that you stand out, because if and when they have the time to read messages, they will have to read first something that is worth their time.

So when making that list of doctors in the United States, keep in mind that you are trying to connect with busy people whose time is of prime importance. They will read your message for sure, but also make sure that’s not the last time they are going to give you your attention by thinking about value that gives beneficial information for people of their high standing.


You want your business to grow using comprehensive and targeted business solutions. One of the sure ways you can do this is by availing of the services of uscompanydata. They are particularly effective in leading the way for their clients to spend resources only on customers who can generate results for their business.

Most importantly, they have the right data, so you can develop marketing strategies that can capture the right people, and lower your cost in marketing. All their solutions and services are designed with customer concerns and comfort in mind. This is the kind of support you need, most especially if you are just starting a small business. You bet they will go with you from the first time you get connected with them to the point when you can build and expand on your own.

Any comments on this review? Please post them below.

95%  Email Deliverability Gurantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you Guarantee 95% Email Deliverability Rate ?

Yes . Email Delivery rate is between 95% + .If Three are more than 5% Bounce rate We will replace with new data .

Do you sell Unique Contacts only ?

Yes! There will be zero duplicate contacts.

How Often do you update this doctor database ?

We are updating all contacts every three month.You will get only fresh and valid contacts .

Do you provide 1 year free updates ?

Yes We provide one year free updates since your purchased date .

What payment method do you accept ?

We Accept Major Credit Card payments such as VISA, MasterCard ,American Express ,Discovery via PayPal Payment Gateway .Paypal is 100% secured payment methods for buyers .Therefore Your payment is secured .

We Accept Bitcoin as well as .Bitcoin Payments will be proceeded via which is 100% secured.

How do you deliver the doctor list ?

Once We confirmed your payment We will send the database files download link to your emal .We Offer .CSV files ,excel files or .txt files .

Can i export your files to CRM software ?

Yes .Our Files are .CSV format Therefore You can feed easily to All CRM platforms.

How Do I Purchase The Physicians Mailing Lists ?

You can use our WooComerce Checkout for purchasing the list .
If you select PayPal as Payment method.We will send you the manual Paypal Invoice link to your email After Completion the Checkout.
If you use Bitcoin You will be redirected to website for the BTC payment.

Why do you sell doctor data base into two separate package ?

We are selling two seperate packages One is for customers who need only email addresses & agent names Other is for Custumers who need complete database with email,phone,fax,cell ,contact name ,address and etc .

Can i purchase single state in USA

Yes You can purchase realtor database by states .

Where does these doctor contacts come from ?

These data were collected from publicly available sources , Linkedin , Yellowpage, Yelp ,Associations, MLS, Licensing boards ,government databases and etc.

Will I get unlimited access and usage of databases ?

Yes.We will sell actual contact files to you .You will get complete access to this file .You will get 100% ownership of the files .