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Total Companies Email Records: 117,000
Country: Singapore 
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Updated: 2019

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Obtaining or developing a comprehensive list of companies in Singapore is important if you are planning to do business with Singapore companies through Email Marketing. Email marketing is getting more popular among businesses because of its several advantages. The key to make email marketing work for your business is to make sure that you use an up-to-date business directory. Singapore companies are constantly changing in terms of number, location, and contact details; so your Singapore company database should be kept updated with fresh information.


You can choose to hire the help of professional lead generators and email harvesters, but there is an easier and less costly way to maintain an up-to-date company directory. Singapore companies are readily listed together with their contact details and addresses on online databases, which you can purchase or download. These databases are regularly updated by their providers to ensure data accuracy and customer guarantees. A company database is like a telephone directory; Singapore companies are listed in alphabetical order with their complete addresses, telephone numbers, web URLs and email addresses.


Database Fields :-

  1. Industry
  2. Company Name
  3. Full Name
  4. Job  Title
  5. Email Address
  6. Website
  7. City
  8. Country







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Why you should buy Singapore Business Database of our company Over Other Providers?


We are primary providers of the Singapore  Business Database as we provide verified email lists,postal address, names of the top management of the Singapore Companies, phone numbers in a very affordable price. We provide targeted database details that can help you to obtain suitable B2B sales leads.  Our business database is highest quality and up to date because we get the listings on the similar sources like LinkedIn, Yellow Pages, b2b portals, OPT-IN sites, and several other online business directories.We are are updating our database regularly per two month.You can get entire 117,000 Records of  Singapore company list from our website.

The importance of maintaining an up-to-date Singapore email list for email marketing is signified by the following benefits it provides:


  • Direct communication – Unlike other forms of marketing such as ads posting and content posting in which your message may not reach your target audience directly, email marketing puts you in direct contact or communication with your prospects. The companies in your Singapore email address list can directly receive and read your message at their leisure. Also, if a Singapore phone directory is included in your database, you can also reach out to them directly through your telemarketing efforts.
  • Higher chance of increasing ROI and conversion rates – By using an accurate, up-to-date Singapore business email list, you get to market your business to the most relevant prospects or audience. Relevance ensures that your messages will reach the people who are more likely to convert or buy, and therefore increases your ROI (return on investment) better than other methods.
  • Full control over your email list – Singapore companies can be reached through other methods and platforms like social media; however, these third-party platforms are subject to sudden changes that can affect your marketing efforts in a negative way. Fortunately, since you own your Singapore business database, you can still stay connected with your prospects by directly sending emails to companies in your Singapore mailing list.
  • Personalized communication – You can easily personalize your messages by referring to your business directory. Singapore companies have different business goals and interests, and these details are usually indicated in your business directory. By studying what your target companies want and need, you can better create marketing contents that will suit them better. Also, a company list in Singapore can also provide information regarding other methods and platforms which some Singapore listed companies prefer to be reached out to, such as company social media pages and online messengers or apps. Whatever method they prefer to be approached, you can surely find out using your Singapore business directory.
  • Better reception – Email has a personal approach, so the people who receive your messages are more likely to read them with personal interest and focus. The companies in your Singapore email database will also be more likely to reply back with questions or answers because the messages are read in private and not in public. This is a unique quality of using an email marketing database. Singapore companies find this quality more appealing than other methods because it facilitates a direct one on one interaction in the privacy of their email accounts.



Your email marketing efforts will surely meet success if you use an accurate, up-to-date Singapore company email list from a trustworthy database provider. When choosing the right provider, you should look for these following qualities in the Singapore company list they provide:


  1. Accurate. Before you decide to buy, database (Singapore companies) samples should be tried out first to test the accuracy of the contact data provided in the email list. This can be done by downloading or viewing the samples, which every provider must supply, and try calling some phone numbers or looking up the listed websites to see if they really match the right companies. Much like a phone directory, Singapore email lists should present the data in alphabetical order, complete with contact numbers, email addresses, office addresses and web addresses.
  2. Efficient. The list of companies’ email address in Singapore should be arranged and organized in an efficient manner. The format should allow you to easily find the details you need without going through pages of unnecessary content. The Singapore company directory list should also contain detailed but concise descriptions of the companies and the nature of their businesses in easy to read texts.
  3. Comprehensive. In a comprehensive company database, Singapore companies of all types of ownership and operation should be covered. It is also important that the Singapore business list indicates any important report or remark on the management quality and approachability of the covered companies to help you screen and adjust your marketing approach accordingly. This is an important quality that will help you minimize rejection and maximize conversion potential from your target Singapore companies. Directory details should also include the number of company branches or stores and their locations to help you address each branch according to their locality.



Listofcompaniesinusa.com has all these qualities and much more. We are the leading database provider for the U.S., Canada, U.K., New Zealand, UAE and Dubai. Our Singapore email address list is compiled and verified by our in-house experts to make sure that every detail in our list is accurate. We also ensure that all our lists stay up-to-date by continually researching, cross-checking and placing millions of calls every year to keep our information fresh and in great working order.


By choosing to use our Singapore registered company list, you are entitled to enjoy the following features:


  • Premium Full Contacts – Our Singapore business listing database provides you with full details of different fields such as company details, company addresses, email addresses, web addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, industry, country, number of employees, etc.
  • Instant Download – You can instantly download the database as either excel or csv file after purchasing.
  • Affordable Prices – At 99 USD, we provide the best quality databases in the cheapest price available.
  • Target Audience – Our databases are compiled, verified, and formatted for easy use for target lead generation so can conveniently screen your targets or prospects.
  • Up-to-date Lists – We continue to update our information regularly every two months to guarantee the accuracy and reliability of our email listings.


For more information about our email lists and databases, you can check out our website at http://www.listofcompaniesinusa.com/.