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Total Companies Email Records: 720,000
Country: UK
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Updated: 2018
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In a business, the target clients are of utmost importance. In your crucial decisions, you always have to put your market in mind. Even when you think about distributing informative materials to hundreds of your clients in the United Kingdom, you need at least UK businesses database to help you direct your materials to them. Having a complete email list at your disposal is advantageous because of business opportunities UK that will help you make your business known to various people. A list of UK email addresses with pertinent details will help you target a more specific demographic.

Mailing lists UK are best used in businesses. If you are the type of business that opts to send newsletters and coupons, a UK business directory will be a great way to organize your data. Having all these addresses and phone numbers listed is beneficial, especially when there are too many clients under your watch. You can categorize the names and details of your clients. For example, you can have a list brokers UK, or a list of managers in the city and country.


Database Fields :-

  1. Industry
  2. Company Name
  3. Full Name
  4. Job  Title
  5. Email Address
  6. Website
  7. City
  8. Country







UK Businesses Database


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We are primary providers of the UK Business Database as we provide verified email lists,postal address, names of the top management of the UK Companies, phone numbers in a very affordable price. We provide targeted database details that can help you to obtain suitable B2B sales leads.  Our business database is highest quality and up to date because we get the listings on the similar sources like LinkedIn, Yellow Pages, b2b portals, OPT-IN sites, and several other online business directories.We are are updating our database regularly per two month.You can get entire 720,000 Records of  UK company list from our website.

Why You Should Choose UK Businesses Database

listofcompaniesinusa.com can help you target your clients and direct your promotional and marketing materials to them via an email database uk. If you use and purchase uk business data from the company, you will be provided with a streamlined database that is 10 times cheaper (the lists even come for free!) than the company’s competitors. The use of company database uk has everything you need in almost every field or business in the United Kingdom, so you could contact these companies and expand your business.

If you buy mailing lists uk, you immediately save time collating all the information about your target businesses. Since the UK covers a large area, it would be difficult to list the companies one by one just so you could check which ones have already gotten emails, or which ones have been previously included in your mailing list. An email list uk has categories to make your search easier. How many uk email database can you think of that relieves you of the burden of manually listing down company details?


We can make things more convenient for you. We find email address uk and note down information about the companies to which the email addresses belong. Our company then collates the information to build the 1) uk company database. It’s important that you get these names so you could maximize your business leads uk. Once you have a list of these business emails and all the relevant details about your target clients, marketing will be a piece of cake for you. If you buy email lists uk from competitors, you may not have the advantage of getting all United Kingdom email addresses. The difference of listofcompaniesinusa.com is that we guarantee a complete list with all the details that you need to know about your potential clients.

What You Will Find in the UK Business Database

What you can expect from email marketing lists uk, aside from business names and establishments, are the business category in which they belong. Although sometimes the category is already obvious in the domains and email marketing lists uk, some addresses can be deceiving. For instance, you wouldn’t exactly know what abcpapers.com.uk is for – whether it’s a printing business, a publishing house, or a school supplies establishment. The hassle of looking up the business directory uk isn’t only time-consuming; it is exhausting. But with the help of an official email providers list uk or b2b data providers uk, this burden will be none of your concern.

If you browse through our legit uk mailing lists, you can check out the official address of the business. This will narrow down your target and help you send your promotional materials per area (city or country). The uk email list likewise provides the city and/or state the business is in. You can check whether the location is a residential area, which then again customizes your search. This free email database uk also includes the postal code for a more accurate search when you send your marketing materials and sample products.

Our uk marketing lists also provide phone numbers and mobile numbers so you can immediately contact your target clients. Websites and URLs are also recorded for easier and faster tracking of your clients’ activities. A b2b database uk contains business emails and social media accounts of these establishments. In this day and age where marketing has reached and taken over cyberspace, it is a must to buy uk email list with Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts of your clients. Not all email lists uk will collect information as comprehensively as we do; we believe that success in marketing happens when email lists uk are best used to your advantage.Make use of these various database fields listed along with uk mail addresses and start planning your b2b marketing now.


Examples of Business Categories Listed in Data Providers UK

listofcompaniesinusa.com does not miss anything in their uk business lists. A wide range of business categories is provided, such as the following:

  • Lawyers
  • Business Managers
  • Accountants
  • Auditors
  • Antique Dealers
  • Banks
  • Loaning Institutions
  • Boutiques and Accessories Shops
  • Beauty Stores
  • Parlors
  • Bridal Shops
  • Bakeshops, Cafes, and Restaurants
  • Contractors
  • Floral Arrangement Businesses
  • Gift Shops
  • Furniture Stores
  • Office Supplies
  • Educational Institutions and Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Doctors, Dentists, and Other Medical Practitioners
  • Hotels

These are just some of the establishments found in marketing lists uk. Just think how many people you could include in your marketing plans using the list we provide. You may also request for a list of data brokers uk, if your target clients are brokers and people working in the same industry. The list also has data suppliers uk, just in case you want to cater to suppliers of office equipment, bridal accessories, beads, jewelry – basically anything under the sun. This is a good step for businesses who have yet no idea on who to send their marketing materials to.

The free mailing lists uk are created to empower every b2b marketing company. With one swift transaction, you instantly get free email lists uk, arranged alphabetically, in a database that you just need to click. Refer to the email lists uk free anytime you need to get in touch with your prospective clients in a given area. The good thing is that the uk business email list comes in a computer-friendly format – definitely editable with tabs and headings. You may opt to have an excel file or a similar type of program for the email list. Depending on arrangements, the company could also include hyperlinks for easier navigation on the database.

How to Use the Email Lists

The mailing list uk is easy to use. Because it already contains all the necessary information for your business, you can simply check out the list of email addresses uk and click the business name. The cell will then highlight the other information regarding that establishment. These are the addresses of the establishments, the contact details, a brief description of what the establishment is about or its services, then its social media accounts. Once you see the uk email address list, you can immediately focus your campaign and start sending out your materials.

There is a big possibility that the b2b email lists uk gets updated over time. The business lists uk the company will provide is already complete, but over time, more establishments will be recorded. The business email address uk database ensures that these are covered. Simply contact the company for any updates, or you could add the inputs manually in the file. The only tricky thing would be the change in the cells and the corresponding hyperlinks. If this technology overwhelms you, don’t hesitate to give our company a call for an updated uk companies list.

Contrary to what technology-challenged people claim, you can maximize your UK email database. At first, uk email lists can be overwhelming to look at. It is not easy to scroll down thousands of business names. Fortunately, the business names have headings (refer to the business categories), so you can key in the category you are looking for. Another option is to type on the search cell the name of the business you need for your marketing campaign.

The best thing to do is to always update each cell and to use the hyperlinks. For example, the website URL of the establishment should be able to lead you to the ACTUAL website, and the social media handle should take you right to the businesses’ social media accounts. The hyperlink technology may take time to do if you’re inserting the links manually, but once you get the hang of it, all you have to do is to click and browse. If you are using the hyperlink, it is better to use the email data uk online. Still, you have the option to use it offline. Ergo, the list of businesses in the uk are perfect for people who like to work without the tedious process of listing and reading the directory, but at the same time it does not alienate anyone who is yet to learn the ropes of excel or hyperlink technology.

Why Purchase the UK Email Database

Our list of uk companies is the best source of information for small and large-scale businesses alike. Not only do these have complete details – they also provide over 100,000 names of establishments around United Kingdom. The uk email list free is a great help for startups that are still finding their way around b2b marketing. After all, chasing after establishments for marketing strategies is not easy unless you know WHO to pursue. Collating this uk email list free is a challenging yet rewarding service for the company, who does not settle with anything less. Quality always precedes quantity; no task becomes difficult when it comes to providing our partners and clients with the best service available.

Buy email addresses uk now and see the difference. Use this list for your emails, coupons, and marketing strategies. These email lists will be highly beneficial especially for b2b telemarketing companies uk that often compete against one another for their covered areas. But with the list that we provide, you’ll know which city you need to target first.

Email lists take marketing to a whole new level. It is a system that has been highly developed by our company, which is quite popular among businesses in the United Kingdom. Utilizing an email database UK is a fast and cheap way to introduce your products and services to people. If you are new to advertising, sending out emails to the addresses in our list is the ideal stepping stone.


Targeting the first 40 establishments in our database may just guarantee you 90 percent of sales, which supersedes the sales you’d get from traditional marketing, or marketing and starting from scratch. Moreover, UK email lists bring you closer to clients, just like what big companies as Amazon and eBay do. Sending out regular campaigns might just win you a regular audience as well.

The best time to use the UK email list free is when you have new services and features and you want the establishments in the list to know about them first. Your potential clients will love the idea of “being first on the list.” Thus, our database not only helps you to make the most out of your time, but it also helps you create and add value to your marketing strategies.


Get real leads now with our email lists of companies around UK. It’s absolutely free of charge, but should there be a cost for premium content, rest assured that you get only a comprehensive and quality list of UK companies.

There is no space for bad and inaccurate data here – all information that you get has been thoroughly researched and collated. Get your up-to-date and detailed UK email database now and wait until you see your sales traffic and generating leads improve! With this company list UK, rest assured that you only receive a streamlined and organized roster of UK emails addresses, all categorized for your convenience. Let our business database UK be the start of your own company’s expansion and success!